Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And reach... Now with the left...

So how is that going?
Seem to have ducks in rows but now we need to move them forward. Tonight we (the wife and I) are going to a WGAE meeting. It's the one that we either get further into Animation or it's our out! last night we went a gathering of old work mates in order to celebrate a producers new gig (I loved that book as a kid, "The Producers New Gig"). It was a good warm up for tonight and a reminder how the creative and the meet-n-greet are such polar opposites. Tonight should be interesting for that. Last year we found our selves huddling in a corner not certain what to do or say or... This year, I have direction so I am looking forward to it.

Finished reading "The Shinning" last night, as well. It's a great book, very rich and full of background. I've always heard there was more indication that the house was tied in with native American Indians... Not! I think there may be more symbolism in Kubrick's take then in the book. I have the screen play and will be sitting down with that this week. I really enjoyed the book however I like the ending of the movie much better (of course it's been ingrained in my head since childhood). While reading yesterday I meet a woman in her late 50's who commented on how much better the book was (I was about 30pgs. from the end and things where unfolding), and how "They never understand him (King), in film, and they just ruin his work". I have to say I found Kings ended much more Hollywood, then Kubrick's. My wife has never been partial to the way Halloran is killed off so quickly and I think she will be pleasantly surprised and then left completely flat there after. I love the Father and Son relationship, and understand King was upset that Kubrick didn't focus on that aspect. So again, excited to review the screenplay and look for undertones. Why, "The Shinning"? Halloween around the corner sounds like the obvious, but in fact I am studying for a project that I am working on. In case you wanted to know.

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